Monday, August 31, 2020

50 Shades of White – Tali Gallo of The Bridal Finery

Venue: The Capen House; Images: Johanna Oakes Photography; Styling: The Bridal Finery; Hair/Makeup: Bronze & Glow Beauty

The iconic white wedding dress isn’t so iconic any more!  In fact, less than 10% of brides purchase a pure white wedding dress these days.  The modern bride has discovered that there are more like “50 Shades of White” to choose from!

We spoke with Tali Gallo, the Co-owner of The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, and she gave us some valuable insight into the “white” of wedding fashion.

Tali says the most popular shades of white are off-white or a light ivory.  It’s important to note that designers and boutiques recommend staying away from dresses with a yellow tone! 

The off-white is just a shade darker than a pure white and Tali says it “adds a little warmth while keeping the bridal feel.” The next shade darker is “light ivory,” which can be the most flattering option for different skin tones.

Tali recommends mixing shades of white with color – the combination of off-white with a cameo or soft nude undertone can really help the dress pop in photos, especially the details like lace.  “With editing styles gravitating towards brightening up photos, you may not see the details in some of your photos” if there isn’t at least a subtle contrast to showcase them.

Another important tip:  Don’t judge a dress on the hanger!  You really do need to try a dress on to see how the color works with your hair color and skin tone.

The Capen House has lovely outdoor lakefront areas that are the perfect backdrop for your wedding, and you need to take into account the environment and time of day when selecting a dress color, too. 

“Consider having a darker lining if the wedding is outside and in the middle of the day,” Tali says.  “The sun will brighten everything up, so we recommend staying away from pure white for an outdoor wedding.  In certain lighting, it can look blue and misrepresent the quality of the dress.”

The fabric, lace and embellishments give you the option to bring in a second color tone on your dress.  “The idea is to add dimension and texture to give you those dreamy wedding photos,” Tali says.  “If you picture yourself in more of a white or off-white wedding dress, consider trying a dress with a colorful embellishments” to add to a tone-on-tone look.

The one thing that absolutely must match is the veil!  Tali strongly recommends purchasing a veil in person. 

“One of the biggest mistakes we see is brides purchasing their veils online,” she says.  “When the bride is standing outside in her wedding dress and veil, you will easily see a contrast.”   You definitely don’t want to be regretting that clash in your photos for the next 60 years, so a bridal stylist can help guide you to just the right veil.

When it comes to accessories, the hairpieces should match your jewelry.  “I wouldn’t stress too much about your wedding dress having silver embellishments and wanting to wear gold jewelry,” Tali says.  “The gold jewelry needs a little mixed metal detail in it, and it will blend everything together perfectly!” 

Oh yeah – there are a few other people in the wedding party, too!  How does the color of your dress affect what your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear?

For the bridesmaids, Tali notes that today’s brides are “more open to the idea of the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses being more monochromatic, but if your wedding dress has a slimmer silhouette (like a mermaid), you may want to consider having more contrast.” 

If you are already making a statement with a ball gown wedding dress, “you will stand out regardless, so the color contrast is a little less significant,” says Tali.

For the groomsmen, Tali advises “staying away from a white tux or dinner jacket as it is nearly impossible to match the wedding dress because they are not made out of the same fabric.” 

She is in favor of a “darker tuxedo or suit and finding the closest match on the shirt.”  So that your mate will look (almost) as good as you do, she recommends “purchasing a suit for the groom because you will find more color options that way – and the suit can be tailored.”

The best advice from Tali:  “Ultimately, you should wear the wedding dress you feel best in!”

We’ll get more tips from Tali next time when she gives us the “Insider’s Guide to Picking Your Perfect Wedding Dress!”

Tali Gallo is the Co-owner of The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, Fla.  At The Bridal Finery, Tali creates a personalized in-store experience for her brides while helping them find the perfect wedding dress.  The Bridal Finery offers special-order and off-the-rack wedding dresses and accessories.  Follow on Instagram and Facebook at @thebridalfinery. For more info or to book an appointment, visit